Wednesday, July 20, 2016


  as if, by pushing harder, faster,
jumping higher, farther,
      lifting heavier, longer
i can somehow burst this brain
      out of this body
fix the fractures
      in this breaking mind, 
kaleidoscope shattering

 explosion, breath scarlet,
      sweat streaking through
      the meaning of life
defined by one more heartbeat
      one more leap
one more rending breath
       muscles straining into flight,
throbbing life

      only in this: survival
      (mind invincible, 
      thought defeated by body striving)

E s c a p e

Thursday, July 14, 2016

R U L E S (a poem)


oh so now i’ve gone and done it
somehow ripped this one up at the seams

and it’s all my fault, 
all my fault 
my fault

and i wanted to be your good friend

what kind of person
makes this kind of mistake
what kind of fool

i never know
what’s up or down
right or wrong
never know the rules

and the rules are always changing

unlike this one thing

unlike me

and i wanted to be
your good friend