Sunday, August 18, 2013

Taking this blog in a new direction, since writing about my everyday life just wasn't working out for me. (Notice there are an overwhelming two or three posts in over a year?)  Perhaps a more artistic form of expression will motivate, namely poetry, interspersed with moments of visual art and perhaps a smattering of brief essays. I enjoy writing, but simply fail to give it the place it deserves in my life. Of course, "the muse" can be evasive and certainly inconsistent;  I also don't live hooked up to my computer and usually write in a traditional journal. So....  I'll simply relax and see what decides to appear on this blog.

intoxication from
   the scent of sunlight
           the drone of cicadas
the touch of dusk
      on moist skin.

We are older
now, drowsy;
          imagine a yellow field,
a solitary tree,
        a taste of berries.
         And come,
 sleep away the last warm
              dream of Summer.